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Tourism needs quality - Train to Ecolabel will help to reinforce the European Ecolabel. It helps tourist accommodations and camp sites to optimize the processes like energy, water and waste managementó-resulting in lower costs AND higher quality.

The European tourism need sustainability - bringing the European Ecolabel to accommodations and campsites strongly contributes to preserving the resources tourism itself benefits from: clean water and a beautiful environment.

Tourism needs consistent environmental standards allover Europe - these are ensured by the European Ecolabel which will be promoted by Train to Ecolabel.

The European tourism labour needs higher education - seasonal unemployment rate is quite high, partly due to low education. Train to Ecolabel will contribute to enhancing the skills and job profiles of tourism workers, offering totally new chances to both employers and employees.

Europe needs awareness for the environment from the bottom - Train to Ecolabel will considerably raise the awareness for environmental issues among tourism employees and managers.